Research programme for the pedagogy of self-cultivation, pedagogical tact and ethics

Research into how the development of people’s relationships to themselves and the world around them are understood, practised and framed within educational and professional practice.

How we work

We deal with the dimension of professional and citizen existence concerning their place in the world and how they make choices. We investigate this through a combination of empirical fieldwork and the theoretical development of concepts and understandings.

Research areas

Our research includes:

  • The teacher as a moral actor
  • Education in practice, pedagogical, social and health organisations
  • Formation of professional identity through education and internship
  • The tension between the exercise of authority and coming of age
  • Developing one’s will, ethics and coming of age in daycare institutions
  • The relationship between institutional conditions and the exercise of ethical judgement by professionals

Our research projects

We research educational and professional practice, and, therefore, work closely with professional practitioners and the organisations in which they work. We examine practice-relevant challenges and questions, and provide knowledge that generates reflection on and inspiration for the development of practice.


Jan Jaap Rothuizen