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We study how children and youth live and learn

VIA Culture & Pedagogy

Centre for research & development

VIA Culture & Pedagogy investigates how children and youth thrive, develop and learn.

About the centre

  • Research areas

    Our research areas are organised in four programmes

    At VIA Culture & Pedagogy we generate knowledge about social and pedagogical processes in the meetings between children, youth and professionals. The center includes four research programmes that study everything from aesthetics to bodily and cultural significance for the well-being, participation, development and learning of children and youth.

    Our projects alternate between thematic, theoretical, methodological and epistemological perspectives in the analytic work of the projects, and empirical studies are grounded in the pedagogical practice.

    Our analyses and knowledge is shared with VIAs educational programmes, continuing education programmes, professional practice as well as domestic and international research communities. This sharing and communication is done by teaching, publication in professional journals and peer reviewed research journals, and through participation in professional and research conferences.

  • Researchers

    Contact our researchers

    Lise Høgh Jönsson, head of centre, PhD

    VIA Culture & Pedagogy, centre for research and development
    T: +45 87 55 17 21
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    David Thore Gravesen, PhD

    Programme coordinator: The everyday life of children and youth
    T: +45 87 55 37 31
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    Jens-Ole Jensen, senior associate professor, PhD

    Programme coordinator: Body, movement and physical education
    T: +45 87 55 17 08
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    Martin Blok Johansen, PhD

    Programme coordinator: Aestetics and pedagogy
    T: +45 87 55 17 18
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    Anette Boye Koch, senior associate professor, PhD

    Programme coordinator: Early childhood pedagogy
    T: +45 87 55 35 09
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  • Partners

    We are always interested in sharing knowledge

    Current international partners include:

    • University College Ghent, Belgien
    • University of Minho, Portugal
    • The University of Northampton, Storbritannien
    • University College Limburg, Belgien
    • 2 Dimotiko Sxoleio Kalamata, Grækenland

Learn more about our 4 research programmes

Aesthetics and pedagogy

The programme looks at the aesthetic expressions in pedagogical settings, and analyses the cognitive, formative and reflective potentials of aesthetics in children's lives.

Body, movement and physical education

The programme studies the role of the body in a pedagogical context. It explores how physical perspectives offer new insights into pedagogy.

The everyday lives of children and youth

The programme studies the everyday lives of older children and youth. The goal is to develop knowledge of how they thrive and learn.

Early childhood pedagogy

The programme focuses on daycare institutions and the first years of elementary school - as well as the transition from daycare to school.