Learning and teaching

About the research

  • Research areas

    Our research covers teaching and learning in- and outside the classroom.

    We study pedagogical and didactic practices in daycare facilities and schools. 

    We explore children's and students' outcome from and experiences with learning activities and the interplay between children and professionals in pedagogical institutions. We study formal and informal learning in- and outside of classrooms and preschools.

    Our research is carried out in cooperation with pedagogical professionals in daycare facilities and schools, national and international research communities and a network of community and government partners.

  • Researchers

    Contact our researchers

    Arne Mogensen, head of centre, associate professor, PhD

    T: +45 87 55 17 52
    E: armo@via.dk
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    Mette Vedsgaard Christensen, senior associate professor, PhD

    T: + 45 87 55 17 13
    E: mvc@via.dk
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    Martin Krabbe Sillasen, senior associate professor, PhD

    T: + 45 61 18 91 18
    E: msil@via.dk
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    Line Møller Daugaard, senior associate professor, PhD

    T: + 45 87 55 17 36
    E: lida@via.dk
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    Karen Seierøe Barfod, associate professor, PhD-student

    T: + 45 51 76 99 11
    E: ksba@via.dk
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  • Partners

    We always look for ways to share knowledge

    Current international partners include:

    • Windesheim University, The Netherlands
    • IRIS Connect, Brighton, England.


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Projects in the literacy programme explore the nature of literacy practices as they unfold in the home, in daycare institutions and in the school. 

Mathematics and science didactics

The aim of this programme is to “translate” research into practice, within the mathematical and science didactical fields at primary and secondary school levels.  

Language and pedagogy

The subject field for the programme is language-pedagogical practice in a broad sense – from language-stimulating activities in nursery school through the teaching of Danish, German and Arabic in primary and secondary school. 

Outdoor didactics

The programme researches how outdoor surroundings become activated and relevant in educational processes.