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Formal and informal learning throughout life

VIA Lifelong Learning

Centre for research & development

The research centre examines how learning and career planning develops through life. The centre holds three programmes: vocational education, prior learning assessment and career guidance.

About the centre

  • Research areas

    We create knowledge about lifelong learning from multiple perspectives.

    NVR (National Knowledge Centre for Validation of Prior Learning), Programme for Prior Learning has the following research areas:

    • Prior learning in a socio-analytical, educational and individual perspective
    • Quality of work with recognition of prior learning
    • Competence in education and employment perspective
    • Development of competence understanding 
    • Development and implementation of policies in relation to the recognition of skills

    Programme for Vocational Education has the following research areas:

    • Types of knowledge and learning
    • The professional vocational education

    VUE (Knowledge Centre for Educational and Vocational Guidance), Programme for Career Guidance has the following areas of research:

    • Guidance in primary school and assessment of training readiness
    • Career guidance in education in a lifelong learning perspective
    • Career guidance of adults in a lifelong learning perspective
    • Connections in counselling activities and organisation of guidance
    • Supervisor roles and guidance perspectives in digital media
  • Selected projects

    Our projects are about lifelong learning in professional practice.

    IKV-pro project (Individual Competence Assessment) links formal and informal learning

    The project combines theoretical research and developmental activities with the aim of qualifying the approach of the vocational colleges to lifelong learning. The project connects the non-formal, informal and formal learning in a competency-developing perspective. 

    The following partners are involved in the project: Roskilde Universitet, University College Lillebælt, University College Nordjylland , University College Sjælland og VIA University College og NVR, Program for Realkompetence. 

    Furthermore, this project entails research collaboration between Roskilde Universitet, Bremen Universitet og Program for realkompetence, VIA University College. 

    Project manager:
    Kirsten Aagaard, head of programme

    The professional vocational education teacher

    The project aims to:

    • Create basic knowledge of the vocational college teacher's perception of his/ her professional role
    • Develop, with a research impetus, pedagogical professionalism in the field
    • Create project interpretations, with the help of narrative interviews, of how the new technically skilled teacher understands his/ her role as a vocational college teacher. The Diploma in Business Education and vocational colleges will then discuss the appropriateness of these interpretations; partly to validate them, partly to qualify the discussion of how joint development of professional vocational education can be shaped.
    Project period: The project ends in December 2015. 

    Project manager:
    Jette Larsen, head of programme

  • Researchers

    The following researchers are affiliated with VIA Lifelong Learning.

    Bo Klindt Poulsen, head of centre and Programme for Career Guidance

    Programme for Prior Learning
    T: +45 87 55 19 47
    Academic profile

    Jette Larsen, PhD, head of programme

    Programme for Vocational Education
    T: +45 87 55 18 15

    Bodil Husted, head of programme

    Programme for Prior Learning
    T: +45 87 55 18 59
    Academic profile

  • Partners

    The centre's partners include:

    Danish and Foreign Universities

    • Aarhus Universitet
    • Aalborg Universitet
    • Roskilde Universitetscenter
    • University of Iceland
    • University of Jyväskylä, Finland
    • Malmö Högskola
    • JAMK – University of Applied Sciences, Finland

    Vocational Schools, Primary Schools, etc.

    • Learnmark Horsens
    • Tradium, Randers
    • Aarhus Produktionsskole 

    Professional network and organisations

    • Nordisk Netværk for Voksnes Læring (NVL)
    • EUCEN: European Universities Continuing Education Network
    • Kommunernes Landsforening
    • Danmarks Lærerforening
    • Undervisningsministeriet
    • Ungdommens Uddannelsesvejledning Danmark

    Vocational Colleges:

    • University College Copenhagen
    • University College Syddanmark
    • University College Sjælland
    • University College Lillebælt
    • University College Nordjylland
    • Professionshøjskolen Metropol.

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