Research Centre for Quality of Education, Profession Policy and Practice

As the first in Denmark, our research centre studies university colleges’ own practice. Through our national and international research, we contribute to capacity building, policy development, theory, and empirical knowledge.

Areas of research includes

  • Professional education and -practice
  • Professions’ knowledge base
  • Methods
  • Institutional conditions and contingencies of the university college sector

Research goals

We help strengthen the quality of university college education and research. This, in turn, qualifies the professions and supports the development of public and private practice.

News and projects

Transforming student-centred learning 

In this project, we examine how Student-Centered Learning (SCL) is conceptualized and transformed at three international educational institutions (VIA University College, University of Otago, and Humber College Institute of Technology). We will do an international systematic review in preparation for further collaborative studies looking at student retention and educational success.

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Ethics and values in educational data-driven practices

In cooperation with Jönköping University and Stockholm University, we look at data-driven practices in education in the Nordic countries. There is a need to explore the growing datafication of the educational sector – using critical, creative and proactive approaches. Through a series of workshops and seminars, researchers from the three institutions seek to establish a terminology for discussing values and ethics in the emerging data-driven, sociotechnical practices in education. The project is supported by the Swedish Research Council.

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Do gender stereotypes and -biases affect student teachers’ assessments?

This project investigates whether gender stereotypes and biases affect future teachers’ assessments of their pupils. In a mixed methods’ design, we look at whether a pupil’s gender affects how the student teacher assesses him or her for high school. We also look at the mechanisms affecting gender stereotypes in education, including how hobbies, grades, and social competencies play a role. Finally, the project looks at the importance of the student teachers’ own background in how they assess pupils.  The project is funded by the Danish Villum Foundation.

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Final report from EU expert group on education and training

Director of Research, Sanne Haase, was a member of the European Commission Expert Group on quality investment in education and training (DG EAC). The group’s final report Investing in our future. Quality investment in education and training identifies education policies in the EU with a potential to boost education outcomes and equity, while improving the efficiency of spending. The expert group also emphasizes the need for more knowledge to inform decision-making regarding how to qualify spending in education and training.

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Sanne Haase
  • Sanne Haase

  • Director of Research
  • T: +45 85 55 17 26
Rikke Skovbjerg
  • Rikke Skovbjerg Kristensen

  • Management Partner
  • T: +45 87 55 19 38
vibeke rønn
  • Vibeke Røn Noer

  • Head of Research Programme, Associate Professor, PhD
  • T: +45 87 55 20 16
  • Expertise: Transitions, turnover, nursing education, professional development
UC Viden profile
johanne glavind
  • Johanne Grøndahl Glavind

  • Head of Research Programme, PhD
  • T: +45 87 55 18 17
  • Expertise: Student wellbeing, engagement, and persistence
UC Viden profile
Anders Buch
  • Anders Buch

  • Head of Research Programme, Senior Associate Professor, PhD
  • T: +45 87 55 19 22
  • Expertise: Professionalism, expertise, work-life, theories of learning
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Kaare Aagaard
  • Kaare Aagaard

  • Head of Research Programme, PhD
  • T: +45 87 55 19 65
  • Expertise: Knowledge production, knowledge exchange, and research impact
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thomas iskov
  • Thomas Iskov

  • Senior Associate Professor, PhD
  • T: +45 87 55 31 49
  • Expertise: Quality of teaching in elementary schools and higher education
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benjamin brian hansen
  • Brian Benjamin Hansen

  • Senior Associate Professor, PhD
  • T: +45 87 55 19 52
  • Expertise: Philosophy of science, professional knowledge, and health humanities
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