VIA Makerspaces

VIA's makerspaces are spaces designed as digital learning environments, where students find room for experiments and innovation. By developing and producing their own designs, students gain an understanding of technology and get the opportunity to acquire skills for the labour market of tomorrow.

A makerspace is a physical space that is designed for work that focuses on innovation, creativity and fabrication. Here, students at VIA's programmes have the opportunity to work in a digital and experimental learning environment both as a part of their study programmes and with their own projects.

From idea to product

At VIA's Makerspaces, students have access to a number of digital tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters and robot technology. This means that students gain knowledge and understanding of the latest technologies as well as hands-on experience in creating prototypes of physical products.

The idea behind makerspaces is that it is the personal interest that drives the work. This means that the students work with their own ideas in an open and creative environment with room for experiments and play. Everyone has an active role, is a co-producer and gets new technology in their hands.

Across and together

VIAs Makerspaces are for all students at VIA and helps them to a acquire skills that graduates are expected to have in the future. Already now we see a demand for employees with a high level of knowledge within STEM (Science, technology, engineering, science and mathematics), as well as employees who can think creatively and find new ways to use the technology. In addition to that a makerspace is a place where entrepreneurship and innovation can flow freely across disciplines.

Makerspaces are available on all 11 addresses in VIA from Aarhus in the East to Holstebro in the Vest.


Niels Schmidt
Consultant and project manager
Master of Arts (Education) in Educational Sociology
VIA IT & Digitalisation
T: 4587551230

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