Mentoring programme for new students

Many international students may have challenges associated with moving to another country. More than 100 experienced mentors are ready to help you thrive as a new student in a new country.

How does the mentoring programme work?

  • You will be matched with a mentor on day one
  • Your mentor is an experienced student from your study programme
  • You will be part of a small group, who have been assigned the same mentor 
  • You will be offered group meetings and individual meetings with your mentor
Study environment on Campus Horsens 

How can your mentor help you?

  • Navigate your new student life, e.g., study activities, student behaviour and school culture
  • Solve any issues before they develop into actual problems, which might be stressful to you.
  • Talk about everything under the sun – professionally and personally – both at your group and individual meetings

Two young woman talking at Campus Horsens


Meet Katerina - one of the mentors


Katerina Solcova is one of the new mentors on Campus Horsens

Katerina Solcova from the Czech Republic is one of the new mentors on Campus Horsens. She is studying Architectural Technology and Construction Management.

Next to her is Johs. Simonsen. He is the coordinator of the project to train mentors.

Katerina says: "When you come to another country and another culture everything is new. So it’s important to have someone you can ask; someone who has been in the same situation and who knows something about what may seem overwhelming or illogical. I can help to make a difference in that situation – I really like that.

It’s important for me to provide a good service to the new students. And I can use many of my own experiences from the time I started on the programme. For instance, I get asked a lot of questions – not so much about studying – but about the city of Horsens, the culture and so on."