Engineering Innovation (ICT)





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ICT Engineering




Main purpose

Innovation is integral to business success in the 21st century and in this course students will explore the innovator’s mindset and apply innovation processes to solve real world problems. Students will be introduced to innovation theory and methods, but the primary learning experience will be hands-on going through the different phases of the innovation process.  Innovation is not only getting a good idea, but actually turning that idea into products or services that can be sold and make a profit in a highly competitive global market.


After having successfully completed the course, the students will have gained:
  • An understanding of innovation and its uses within the field of engineering
  • Knowledge about Design Thinking (double diamond) process
  • Knowledge about how to create a systematic and measurable progress in innovation tasks



After having successfully completed the course, the students will be able to:
  • Engage in innovative processes in a Cross-/inter-/multidisciplinary setting
  • Conceive, plan, and execute innovative ideas
  • Work methodically with innovation
  • Collect and apply relevant information about technologies, markets and end users


After having successfully completed the course, the students will have gained competences in:

  • Introducing innovative ideas into project work
  • Contributing own professional skills in teams with the objective of solving problems by using innovative processes and models
  • Clarifying multidisciplinary group competencies



  • Innovation Thinking
  • Design Thinking Method (double diamond)

Teaching methods and study activities

Engineering Innovation is a three-week comprehensive course in which the students work partly in their own faculty (one week, if applicable for specific department, see separate description) and partly cross-faculty in VIA Engineering (two weeks):
Week 22-23: Working in multidisciplinary groups in VIA Engineering (from Monday 27 May to Friday 07 June 2019). Throughout the course, the students work in multidisciplinary groups, while gaining knowledge of innovative tools and applying them. A number of guest lecturers from business and academia give lectures/talks during the course to inspire the innovation process. On the final day of the course, the students will present their solutions to a panel of judges, which will select a winner. The winner will be selected based on the written deliveries during the course and their oral presentation, with emphasis being on the idea, the described innovation processes, and the final product and/or solution.



In order to qualify for an approval, the students:
  • Must have an attendance of 100% at the Engineering Innovation during the three-week period. Every day you will be asked to check-in and out of the class.


Group presentation of project on Friday June 07 2019.

Grading criteria

Full participation in all activities during the course (check-in/out each day).

Additional information


Behnam Boujarzadeh (BEBO)

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2/4/2019 12:00:00 AM

Course type

4. semester
Business Information Systems
Cross Media
Embedded Engineering


Innovation, Creativity, Cross-/inter-/multidisciplinary and Professional identity