Geothermal Systems (from A19 - update in progress)





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Supply Engineering




For exchange/transfer students:
General admission requirements and basic understanding of heating systems, heat pumps and energy.

Main purpose


The student will gain knowledge about geothermal systems as a sustainable energy source and to obtain an understanding of the physical design, dimensions, functions and operation of these systems.


After the completion of the course, the student must be able to:

 • Describe the thermal properties of rock and soil.

 • Measure heat conductance and heat capacity in soil samples.

 • Explain the working principle of a heat pump.

 • Calculate heat capacity from thermal response test data.

 • Calculate head loss in a pipe system with refrigerant.

 • Dimension a geothermal system using the professional software EED.

 • Calculate COP for a heat pump by measuring produced and spent energy in a system.

 • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of various drilling methods.

 • Describe the construction of a borehole heat exchanger and identify critical areas.

 • Identify the various conflicts of interest in relation to ground source heating and cooling.

 • Describe the principal counts in legislation and standards for geothermal systems.

 • Explain the main principles of function and quality control.



• Facts about the thermal properties of different rock and soil types

 • Influence of groundwater on borehole heat exchangers

 • Construction of boreholes and design and dimensioning of borehole heat exchangers

 • Thermal response test

 • Energy storage and balanced heat abstraction

 • Modelling software Earth Energy Designer (EED)

 • Function and quality control

 • Legislation and conflicts of interest

 • Case studies

Teaching methods and study activities

Lectures and assignments. Lab exercises, measurement of heat exchange properties of soil. Field trip. Total workload for students will be 110 hours.


• Geotrainet Training Manual for Designers of Shallow Geothermal Systems, GEOTRAINET, EFG, Brussels 2011

 • Digital available written lessons with related questions. Assignments



Type of examination:
Oral exam with an external examiner.
Allowed tools:
Method will be equal to the ordinary exam.

Grading criteria

Grading based on the Danish 7-point scale.

Additional information

An Introduction to Thermogeology, Ground Source Heating and Cooling, David Banks 2008.


Henrik Bjørn

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8/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

Course type

Energy Design


Borehole Heat Exchanger, Heat Pump, COP, thermal properties of geological materials, drilling and grouting techniques, design of geothermal systems, calculations on efficiency.