Global Structural Analysis





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Civil Engineering




General admission requirements. Fundamental skills at structural engineering.

Main purpose


The purpose of the course is to enable the student to design structures on the level of project proposal related to project courses at VIA University College. Furthermore, the student obtains knowledge of the lead-down of actions through buildings.


After the completion of the course, the student must:
• Comprehend the structural principles of different building systems. 
• Apply structural modelling of and the load set out for globally stable structures. 
• Apply Eurocodes in the determination of horizontal and vertical loads.
• Calculate the lead-down of horizontal and vertical actions to the building foundation. 
• Design wall structures, where stability is ensured by diaphragms and shear walls.  
• Calculate the actions on each wall in a wall structure - both in statically determinate and statically indeterminate wall structures. 
• Comprehend the design of different structural systems such as column-beam systems, frame systems and truss systems and be able to calculate part of the structure.



Teaching methods and study activities

110 hours of work for the student, 4 lessons per week for 12 weeks. Furthermore voluntarily one hour weekly with supervision. The course will include theory concerning the mentioned subjects supplemented with exercises and obligatory homework assignments and tests.


• Compendium about Global stability of load bearing structures. To be downloaded from the CE-GSA1 website at Study Net for the current semester.    
• Building Calculations, Bjarne Chr. Jensen. Special edition.
• The Eurocodes and Danish Annexes below can be downloaded from Study Net. 
• DS/EN 1990. Eurocode 0 - Basis of structural design. 
• DS/EN 1991-1-1. Eurocode 1 part 1-1. General actions, densities, self-weight, imposed loads for buildings. 
• DS/EN 1001-1-3. Eurocode 1 part 1-3.  General actions - Snow loads. 
• DS/EN 1991-1-4. Eurocode 1 part1-4. . General actions - Wind actions. 
• The Danish national annexes for the relevant Eurocodes.




Type of examination:
The assessment is based on the following criteria.
- Given assignments/reports, which must be handed in on time and approved with a satisfactory result,
- Tests, which must not have a crucial importance for the approval,
- Course work/cases, which must be handed in on time and approved,
- Study activity (attendance registration).
It must be possible to pass the course from multiple combinations of the criteria.
None of the criteria must be weighted so high that they alone can decide whether the student passes the course.
80% of the overall criteria must be fulfilled.    
Specification of each course valuation criteria will be clear from course material on study net.
Allowed tools:
Not applicable

Grading criteria

Grading based on the Danish 7-point scale.

Additional information

Supplementary teaching materials like presentations, overheads, exercises and assignments are in the Study net room for CE-GSA1 for the current semester.


Babak Karimpour

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8/1/2017 12:00:00 AM

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Structural Design