Mathematical Analysis (CE-)





Offered by

Civil Engineering




Qualifying exam for the Civil Engineering study programme.

Main purpose

The course aims to prepare the student for further studies in Civil Engineering.
Furthermore, the purpose is to enable the student to read and interpret technical literature, which use mathematics.


The student will get knowledge about:
• Differentiation
• Trigonometric functions
• Exponential functions
• Integration
• Vectors in space
• Vector functions in space


After the completion of the course, the student will be able to: 
• Identify and make simple calculation on selected transcendental functions
• Identify and make simple calculation on the branch of infinitesimal calculation, which deals with finding the derivative of functions with one variable, including different applications thereof
• Identify and make simple calculation on the branch of infinitesimal calculation, which deals with integration of functions with one variable and different applications thereof
• Analyze vectors and motion in space and perform calculations based on vector operations
IT is used in a pedagogical method in the course. The aim is that IT will support the learning process of the students and their understanding of the engineering professional possibilities in, for example, the application of modelling, simulation, etc.


After completing the course, the student can:
• Perform a basic understanding for Calculus.
• Use their acquired skills and knowledge to study more advanced Calculus and Algebra courses on their Engineering programme.
• Use a commercial mathematical software to solve and perform serial technical calculations.


Teaching methods and study activities

​The expected total workload for the student is 137.5 hours.
Every week a consulting class is offered. The consulting class is used to refresh math skills and is not mandatory.
The teaching will be lecturing and problem solving in class.
Students will prepare for class by reading sections of textbooks and solving problems initiated by the lecturer.
Homework assignment will be handed out.


• Thomas' Calculus in SI Units;  Maurice D. Weir, Christopher E. Heil& Joel R. Hass, 14. edition
• Downloads from the intra net.
• The teaching is based on the student having a PC with software able to perform operations corresponding to MathCad, and that the student independently acquaints themselves with the use of this.
The teaching is based on the use of MathCad.



Type of exam:
4 hours written exam with external assessment. 

Allowed tools:
At 20-40% of the exam, the use of CAS programs is not allowed. For the rest of the exam, the use of CAS programs is permitted.

Method will be equal to the ordinary exam. 

Grading criteria

Grading based on the Danish 7-point scale.

Additional information


Morten Carter

Valid from

8/1/2021 12:00:00 AM

Course type


Transcendental functions, infinitesimal calculation, vectors and motion in space.