Project and Construction Planning and Management (from Spring 2020 - update in progress)





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Civil Engineering




Main purpose


The student will obtain knowledge of requirements for project management and project planning, get knowledge of building projects phases, organizational and contractual relationship. The student will obtain a basic knowledge of procurement and tender legislation in Denmark, the EU, and internationally. Furthermore, the student will obtain a basic knowledge of process - and risk management.


Upon completion of the course the student should:
• Be able to perform planning analyses and communication strategies for stakeholder management.
• Possess knowledge of project phases and their contents related to contractual issues in according to the Danish AB18 – system and FIDIC.
• Possess knowledge of a building projects contracting and subcontracting relationships.
• Be able to perform a tendering procedure using legislation and processes for national (Danish), and international (EU) tenders
The course will thus enhance the student’s ability to participate in the daily work of planning and operating within the contracting, consulting and client corporation in terms of knowledge of the juridical and legal framework and procurement.
• Posses knowledge of process and risk management.




• A building projects Stakeholders and Organization.
• Contract and Organization models (tender form).
• Project phases and their contents related to contractual issues in according to the Danish AB18 – system and FIDIC.
• Clients, consultants and contractors terms of contract in according to the Danish AB18 – system.
• Tendering according to the Danish legislation.
• Tendering under the EU Procurement directives and acts.
• Tendering under the EU Utilities directives and acts.
• Terms and bidding processes for tendering.
• Prequalification requirement specifications and documents.
• Award criteria and tender evaluation.
• Process - and risk management.

Teaching methods and study activities

There will be 4 lessons per week for 12 weeks, corresponding to 110 hours work for the student. Course activities are theory and assignments carried out as classwork and homework. The course is case-based and the casework is performed in teams of 4 students.


• Construction planning, programming and control, Brian Cooke and Peter Williams, 3rd edition, Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-4051-8380-2.
 • Uploaded papers, articles and notes.





Type of examination:
Oral team examination – presentation and defense - with internal or external examiner.
Team members are all present during the whole examination.
Is based on a summary and presentation of completed papers answered throughout the semester.
Allowed tools:

Grading criteria

Grading based on the Danish 7-point scale. Team members will be graded individually.

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Lars Hyldedal

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Structural Design
Civil Works
Energy Design


Project management, project planning, tendering, contracts, legislation, process - and risk management