Semester Project 4V (Viborg)





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ICT Engineering





Main purpose

In this course the students will have the possibility to create their own projects. which means that there is a lot of freedom, but also responsibility.
The students will work in groups to create a AR/VR/XR application. They decide themselves which technology they will work with and to a certain extent what there application should contain.
The course last the whole semester and is divided into 3 parts; (1) Concept phase: This phase last around 3 to 4 weeks and will revolve around forming groups, trying hands-on with different AR/VR applications and creating 50+ different ideas for all types of different technologies which in the end should be reduced to a single great idea and the creation of a preliminary plan. (2) Development phase: In this phase the work on the project really begins, here the students will start creating their applications, this will involve self learning but with guidance from the teacher that will help guide the project by setting goals, giving inputs and inspire (3) Project writing: In the last phase the focus will be to finish the applications and write the report about the project.
Previously projects has included the following; Simulation applications, Games, Interactive experiences and tools for disabled people.


After having completed this course, the students must master the knowledge about:
  • Searching relevant project information
  • Brainstorm original ideas
  • Planning a project
  • Group Work
  • Testing


After having completed this course, the student must master to:
  • Develop an functional AR/VR application
  • Identify problems and create solutions
  • Test application on target group
  • Present the result and show knowledge of the development



After having completed this course, the students must be able to:
  • Plan and implement an AR/VR application
  • Select and use relevant theories and methods to solve the problem
  • Identify which locomotion to use
  • Work successfully in a project group with the objective to create an AR/VR application.



The Semester project (SEP4) is to create an AR/VR application, keeping within a specific topic.

The SEP4 project must contain:
  • Data collection
  • Brainstorm techniques
  • Project methods
  • Reference/citation model and literature search
  • Requirements: How can you test the requirements, which test results do you expect for each test case
  • Analysis of the application
  • Implementation of an fully functional AR/VR application
  • Test: Unit test, Integration test, System test, UI test
  • Project results
  • Evaluation/discussion of project results
  • Time schedule and milestones
  • Workflow management
  • Group dynamics
  • Report writing
  • Presentation techniques

Teaching methods and study activities

Theory lessons, practical exercises, and working in groups on there projects. There will be self management of the project with guidance and goals to complete.



Internal examination.

The evaluation of this course is based the application, report and the oral presentation.


Group, Oral exam, 30 min per student.
Please note that re-examinations may take a different form than the ordinary exams.
Students who failed a semester project in January or June must attend an information meeting on the last Friday in June.
At this meeting, the students will get information on specific deadlines as well as the process of re-exam.
They will form new groups, if possible in relation to the number of failed students at the individual semesters.
Based on the feedback, the students have received after the ordinary exam, they must prepare a new project, or the failed project must be improved.
Deadline for hand in of the project is mid-August (exact date will be informed at the meeting). There will be no guidance in the period up to hand in.
Oral assessment of the project takes place in September.

Grading criteria

12 grade scale

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Kasper Holm Bonde Christiansen

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2/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

Course type

4. semester
Compulsory for the specialization Cross Media