10 reasons why you should study in Denmark

What makes Denmark such great country to study in? Denmark offers high quality education based on the newest research and innovations and modern study facilities, but these are just a few of the reasons why you should choose to study in Denmark – keep reading to find out why Denmark is a great country to be a student in!

1. Quality education

Denmark has no natural resources to speak of, so knowledge is our largest export. This means that Danish education is of high quality and focus on innovation, creativity, analytical and critical thinking. Teaching is based on the newest research and at VIA, we are specialised in sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship and international outlook. More about the teaching style at VIA.

2. Innovation

Denmark is in the top of the most innovative economies in the world due to an open, state-of-the-art research system and intellectual assets. Denmark is especially well-known for its achievements in design, architecture, sustainable solutions and pharmaceuticals. In addition, Denmark is one of the world’s most digitalised countries.

3. Informal setting

The learning environment at universities in Denmark is characterised by a high degree of informality. Teaching is friendly and relaxed and lecturers are open to critical questions and debates during class – in fact, they often encourage it. You get to meet your teacher at eye level and are expected to participate actively in your own education. Unlike in most other countries around the world, it is the norm to address your lecturer by their first name.

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4. International and diverse environment

Because Denmark is a small country, the Danes and Danish education are internationally oriented, placing great emphasis on equipping students to meet the needs of a globalised labour market. For example, by offering study programmes or elective courses in English, mixing Danish and international students in classes to encourage them to learn from each other.

At VIA, it is also possible to do projects and assignments with students from our partnering universities around the world, collaborate with international businesses or take your internship abroad. Learn more about international opportunities at VIA.

5. Affordable tuition

In Denmark, education is paid by taxes. This means that colleges and universities are free and accessible to all residents. This includes residents from the EU and EEA countries if they fulfil the requirements. Learn more about tuition fees at VIA here.

6. Safe and organised

Denmark is considered a very safe country, has very low crime rates and is among the least corrupt countries in the World. There is a high level of respect for the common good, while at the same time providing a high degree of freedom for the individual to make his or her own choices. Other principal values are equal opportunities for everyone, respect and tolerance.

When you first come to Denmark, you will probably notice that everything takes place in a very orderly fashion and runs smoothly. Queuing systems for everything from the bakery to pharmacies and public citizen services, the buses and trains are on time and so on.

Learn more about living in Denmark here.

7. Sustainability

Denmark is among the frontrunners in green tech and sustainable solutions for everything from energy to recycling. Today, more than 40% of the Danish production of electricity is generated by wind mills. At VIA, sustainability is an integrated subject at all study programmes and VIA is a part of the global network of UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals Schools.

Learn more about sustainability at VIA here.

8. Great career opportunities

In Denmark, unemployment rates are very low and highly educated workers are in demand among employers in most sectors. In addition, Denmark is among the European frontrunners in innovation and sustainable development, making the country a great place to build a career. More about the Danish job market and how to get a full time job in Denmark as an international. You can also meet international VIA graduates now working in Denmark.

9. Work/life balance

Denmark is continuously ranked at the very top of OECD’s Better Life Index with high employment rates, a low percentage of workers working long hours and time spent on “leisure and personal care”. The average work week is 37 hours, full time workers have at least 5 weeks of paid vacation per year and salaries are above average in the OECD. Flexible hours are common in most industries and working from home has gained momentum since the covid pandemic. Meet graduates from VIA working in Denmark and learn more about the Danish work/life balance.

10. Great support system

The Danish welfare system could be one of the reasons why the Danes are so happy and feel secure. The welfare system ensures free education and healthcare for all residents and it aims to promote economic equality and social security. Learn more about the Danish tax system here and the Danish healthcare system here

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