Internationalisation in VIA's study programmes

Meet VIA students who in one way or another has had an international element in their studies and see examples of how students can gain international competences.

As an international student at VIA, you are already developing your set of international and intercultural skills and competences by living and studying away from home. If you really want to excel and get a global mind-set there are several ways of doing so during your studies with us.

You can engage in internationalisation at all of VIA's study programmes through activities such as online elements at your study programmes, international elective modules, participating in student exchanges of shorter or longer duration at one of our partner institutions, taking an internship abroad and much more...

Meet students and see examples of different types of international elements below.

Contact the student counsellor at your study programme to learn more.

Examples of international elements

Katja Anker Sørensen studies Global Business Engineering

Katja took her internship in Madrid

Katja is a student of Global Business Engineering and chose to take her 8th semester project at the Danish Embassy in Madrid.
Meet Katja here
Maria Skovsgaard

Maria is learning about circular economy in an international environment

Maria is studying global business engineering at VIA's Campus Aarhus C. She is participating in an international circular economy project. With her group, she is developing a sustainable product and business model. 
Meet Maria here
Oscar Sten Jørgensen

Oscar is making films across the Atlantic

Oscar is 21 years old and studying at VIA's Multiplatform Storytelling programme. In the summer of 2021, he participated in an international film project in collaboration with Canadian Capilano University.
Meet Oscar here!
Anju Jakobsen

Anju got new perspectives on her profession

Through participation in the online project Globally Networked Learning, Anju has learned about cultural differences between the healthcare systems in Denmark and Canada, as well as improving her English proficiency.
Meet Anju here
Canadian and Danish flags

Globally Networked Learning

Through the online module Globally Networked Learning, VIA’s nursing students are able to gain international experience and new knowledge on their profession without going abroad.
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