Strategic approach to internationalisation

It is VIA’s ambition that all our students will have an international element in their studies with us.

Since the establishment of VIA, it has been crucial for our institution to offer our students and staff international opportunities and at the same time be an obvious and relevant choice for international students. Connecting and engaging in the world around us is important for us as an educational institution to ensure the continuous development of international skills for students, lecturers and administrative staff a like.

Therefore, we have committed to implementing an international element corresponding to app. 5 ECTS points at all study programmes by 2025. 

Global mind-set

VIA graduates must as global citizens have a global mind-set and international skills, no matter if they have studied abroad as such, or participated in other types of international activities at VIA. It is essential for all students independent of study programme to possess international skills, as all VIA students must be able to contribute with knowledge and skills in the meeting with other cultures in Denmark, as well as abroad. At the same time, international skills contribute towards the general formation and maturity of the individual and greater insight into the professions that VIA provides education for. 

Examples of how internationalisation is incorporated in academic programmes:

  • Through in- and out going mobility of students, e.g. exchange and internships abroad
  • Development of the international competences and skills of employees through participation in international development projects, strategic alliances, staff exchange etc.
  • Focus on improving the integration of international and Danish students expanding understanding of different cultural approaches to problem solving
  • Continued development of existing international activities in VIA, including virtual collaborations, blended learning and summer schools
  • Increased focus on internationalisation of curriculum and use of international guest lecturers

International elements

Katja Anker Sørensen studies Global Business Engineering

Internationalisation for students

Meet VIA students who in one way or another has had an international element in their studies and see examples of how students can gain international competences.
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