Academic credit system and Danish grading scale

Do you want to study at VIA University College? Here is what you will need to know about The academic credit system and the Danish grading scale.

Information about admissions

  • VIA uses the academic ECTS credit system and allocates credits to students on the basis of the expected learning outcomes as outlined in the regulations of each programme. 
    You can find the regulations and curriculum for each programme on the programme’s own web page.

    Study abroad

    All of VIA’s higher educational programmes provide students with the opportunity to study or do internships abroad. 

    Studies and internships abroad will be credited towards a student’s final diploma.

    Diploma supplement

    VIA automatically and freely-of-charge issues a Diploma supplement in English upon graduation from a Bachelor or Academy Professional Programme.

    The Diploma supplement is an addition to the Diploma for Higher Education and is meant to make it easier for graduates wishing to work or continue their studies abroad.

    The Diploma supplement is developed on the basis of a common EU template and provides you with comprehensive documentation of the programme you have completed. It describes in English the aim, content, length and level of the programme

  • The Danish grading scale is compatible with the ECTS grading system.

    The grading scale is a state-regulated scale used in all institutions of higher education in Denmark. 

    Individual student performance will be measured with respect to the academic requirements for each specific course or subject. 

    The conversion scale below is approved by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

    Grade    Explanation    ECTS 

      For an excellent performance displaying a high level of command of all
    aspects of relevant material with no or few minor weaknesses.



      For a very good performance displaying a high level of command in most
    aspects of the relevant material, with only few weaknesses.



      For a good performance displaying good command of the relevant
    material, but also some weaknesses.



      For a fair performance displaying some command of the relevant material,
    but also some major weaknesses.



      For a performance meeting only the minimum requirements for



      For a performance which does not meet the minimum requirements for



      For a performance which is unacceptable in all respects.



    • The minimum grade for the approval of an exam/assignment is 02.
    • Apart from the 7-point grading scale, pass/fail assessment may also be used.
    • The student’s performance will be assessed according to the academic targets set for the specific subject or course.

    See the Ministerial Order on the grading scale (pdf)