Admissions - Non-EU applicants

Applying for a bachelor's degree or AP degree programme at VIA is easy. The application process for non-EU citizens is described step-by-step below.

If you are an EU citizen or hold a Danish residence permit which grants you access to free tuition paid by the Danish state, go here for information on the application process.

Before applying:

  • Carefully choose the programme you want to study - We recommend that you make your decision based on your passions and desired future career wishes and that you research these before applying. See our full degree programmes here or get in touch with our study counsellors for questions about a specific programme here.
  • Consider finances - consider whether or not you are eligible for free tuition or not. If you are eligible for free tuition then you must attach a valid residence permit (front and back) along with the accompanying letter to your application. VIA only offers scholarships to students who have completed at least one year of studies.

Step-by-step guide


    Before starting your application, it is a good idea to have relevant documentation ready in pdf format, e.g., but not limited to:

    • Upper Secondary School Certificate and transcript of records
    • If you have not yet completed your Upper Secondary School at the time of application, you will be able to forward the final Diploma within a later specified deadline.
    • Documentation of English proficiency
      Find the requirements here
    • ID/passport

    Find an overview of international school leaving examinations that you can use as a guideline here. However, it is important that you check the specific entry requirements for the programme you are applying for and make sure that you enclose all required documentation. Find all study programmes here and see the enrolment tab of your chosen programme. 

    You can visit the website of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science to find help or to have your qualifications evaluated by the Ministry before applying. On the same site, it appears which upper secondary certificates meet the general entry requirements for Danish Professional Bachelor's and Academy Profession degree programmes and find information about entry qualifications from a number of countries as well as EB, IB Diploma, etc.

    Special criteria

    If you do not fulfil the admission requirements, but have other professional qualifications that can be equated to the missing entry requirement/requirements, you can apply for admission with special permission

    If you wish to apply for a standby place or wish to know more, please see here.

    If you have previously completed some parts or a full higher educational programme in Denmark or in another country, you have to apply for credit transfer

    If you hold a master’s degree when applying or you are going to complete one before study start, the master’s degree rule applies to you, read more here.

    If you have already been admitted to the study programme once before for which you are now applying, but not completed it, you may have to apply for readmission or re-enrolment. You can find information about readmission and re-enrolment here.

  • Go to the official Danish admissions portal to apply. You will be able to apply for up to eight programmes. If you are applying through an agent or wish to do so, please read more here.

    You can sign in using MitID if you have a Danish CPR number or log in with an email address if you do not have one. At, you will find complete instructions on how to fill in the application form, upload attachments and much more.

  • When applying without a Danish CPR number/MitID, VIA needs your signature to get access to and start processing your application. This means that you have to sign, print and send in a signature page for each of the programmes you are applying for.

    The signature page is a PDF document generated by the official Danish admissions portal with a unique application ID, which VIA uses to identify your application. We must have received the signature page(s) before 15 March 12:00 noon. It is not possible to upload signature pages to, but you can print the page, sign it, scan it and e-mail it to: Send one e-mail per signature page/programme. In the subject field of the e-mail, please indicate which programme the e-mail concerns.

  • When the application deadline is reached, all applications will be assessed.

    Once you have applied through the Danish admissions portal, you will be able to follow the progress of your application on, as well as receive and send messages from/to VIA about your application.

    You will receive a notification via email if you receive new messages from VIA on nemStudie. It is your responsibility as an applicant to keep yourself informed about your application through nemStudie. Notifications may end up in your spam filter, so make sure to check it.

    Some study programmes have admission tests. See each programme webpage for more information on admission tests.


  • When the assessment of your application has been completed, you will receive a contract. After having read this carefully, you must return a signed copy of the contract to the Admissions Center.

  • In order to complete your application, you will be required to pay the tuition fee. Find more information on tuition fees in general here or go to the website of your study programme to find individual payment schedules and information.

  • Once the Admissions center has received your signed contract and payment of tuition fee, the application for a Student Visa from SIRI (The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration) will be initiated by the Admissions Center.

    Once the application has been initiated you will receive a mail with a reference code that you need in order to fill in part 2 of the application form. This form must be filled in no later than 30 days after the initiation of the application.

    If further documentation is needed by SIRI, we advise you to send in all requested documents as soon as possible in order to speed up the process of the Student Visa application which must be ready before study start.

    For detailed information about the application process and requirements, please visit the website of the Danish Immigration service.

  • The final decision on your application will be sent on 28 July through nemStudie. However, if 28 July is a Saturday or Sunday, you will get your acceptance/rejection letter Friday.

    In case of available study places, these will be announced at our Available Places page as of 28 July, or on the Friday before, if 28 July falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

  • If you have been offered a study place through, it is very important that you confirm the offered study place within the stated deadline.

    If you do not confirm the offered study place within the stated deadline, the study place will be forfeited. 

Important dates

  • 1 February opens for applications
    Remember to send the signed signature page(s) generated at to (do not upload the signature page(s) to your application at
  • 15 March at 12.00 noon
    Application deadline (Make sure to register on time, even if there are still documents missing to complete your application). This is also the deadline if you are applying for a Danish language programme - more about applying for a Danish language programme with foreign exam results.
  • 15 May/1 June (animation programmes) pay tuition fee
  • 5 July at 12.00 noon
    Deadline for uploading documentation to the application portal
    Deadline for changing priorities at
  • 28 July
    Official acceptance letter
    Confirm/decline offered study place(s)
    Available places opens for application at 
    (Note: if 28 July falls on a Saturday or Sunday, acceptance and available places will be announced the Friday before)

Further questions?

Get in touch if you need assistance with your application

  • Questions regarding filling in the application form, visit where you can join live chat for international applicants and contact support.
  • For questions regarding admission requirements – contact our Admissions counsellors at or chat with us here. We are usually available on the chat weekdays from 9-11 am. NB! On 13 and 14 March the chat is open from 9 am to 2 pm.
  • For study-related questions such as the content of the programme, internship, study environment etc. go to the relevant study programme's page or contact the student counsellor at the programme.
  • For questions after you have sent your application - go to where the Admissions Center will be able to assist you.