How to apply for admission with special permission

You can apply for admission with special permission if you do not fulfil the set admission requirements for VIA's programmes. 

When not fulfilling the set admission requirements including the specific admission requirements for the programme that you wish to apply for, but having other professional qualifications that can be equated to the missing admissions requirements, it is possible to apply for admission with special permission. VIA will then assess whether your professional qualifications can be equated to the admission requirements.

You must apply for quota 2 at, no later than 15 March at 12.00 noon and state that you do not have a qualifying exam. In addition, you must tick the box “admission with special permission”.

Documentation of your qualifications

In order to assess whether you have qualifications that can be equated to the admission requirements, it is important that you are very thorough concerning documenting all relevant experiences.  The way to do this is by stating it on the application at and by uploading documentation for experiences under the tab “attachments” at

When having experiences that are difficult to document, we recommend that you make a description of your experiences and qualifications, as well as how you believe these can be equated to the entry requirements. 

In connection with the assessment of your professional qualifications, you may be called in for an interview. 

Please, be aware that some programmes have specific admission requirements for subjects on A-level and B-level. To find more information regarding the specific admission requirements please, visit the individual programme webpage. 

If you have further questions regarding admission with special permission, you may contact a student counsellor at the respective programme.