How to apply for the standby list

If you are not accepted into a programme this year, you have the opportunity to be placed on a standby list. A stand-by place might be converted into a study place either the year in which you applied or the following year. Read more about this below.

What does a standby list mean?

If you are not accepted into a programme this year, you have the opportunity to be placed on a standby list. Check the standby box on the application form if you are interested. 

The standby list is a waiting list through which VIA's programmes offer study places in case there will be a vacant tudy place. A vacant study place might turn up in the case an applicant withdraws. The list is prioritised, which means that the vacant study places are offered to the applicants on the standby list according to prioritisation. If you are on the standby list and are not offered an available study place within a deadline set by the programme coordinators, your standby place will be converted to a guaranteed study place the following year's study start.

How do I apply for a standby place?

You apply for a place on the standby list by checking the box "Standby" on the online application form. Make sure you understand the consequences of applying for the stand-by list. It might affect your application if you have applied for other programmes.

When do I receive an answer regarding standby?

You must be prepared to accept a vacant study place until 21 September.

If there are no vacant study places, your place on the standby list will automatically be converted to a guaranteed admission the following year.

Please note, that you will lose your stand-by place if you fail to respond to or say no to an offered study place. This means, that you will not receive a pre-approval letter to the following year. 

What are the consequences?

Is starting this year with your studies most important for you?

In this case, we recommend that you do not apply for standby as you will then not be eligible for admission to the other programmes prioritised lower on your application.

Is a specific study programme most important for you?

In this case, we recommend that you apply for the standby list.

If you are not offered a study place before 21 September, your standby place will grant you preapproved admission for a study place for the same study programme the following year. Please note that you must apply for admission to the programme again the following year and you must document that you fulfil the admission requirements again. Also, you must upload a copy of the preapproved admission letter.

Which rights and conditions apply to the standby list? 

You can always give up your place on the list. Note, however, that once you have been offered a place on the stand-by list, you cannot be admitted to another programme this year – even if you give up your place on the list!

A standby place will not be converted into a pre-approved admission until the deadline set by the coordinators of the study programme in question has exceeded. This means that until this deadline has exceeded, we cannot inform you, whether you will be offered a vacant study place this year or get a pre-approved admission for the following year to the study programme you have applied for.

A pre-approved admission letter is your guaranteee for a study place but be aware that the guarantee is conditional: 

  1. You must apply for the same programme the following year
  2. You must note on your application that you have a pre-approval letter
  3. You must attach the pre-approval letter to your online application
  4. You must fulfil the requirements for admission for the following year.   

If you do not meet the above requirements, you are not guaranteed a study place at the programme the following year. A guarantee of admission is only applicable at programmes that are offering admission the following year.

Where do I get more information? 

For more information about the standby list, please contact a student counsellor at the study programme that you wish to apply for.