The Master's degree rule

Do you hold a Master's degree? Then it can affect your admission.

Applicants who hold a Master’s degree can only be admitted to a new higher education programme, if there are available study places at the new study programme. This applies no matter in which country the Master’s degree was completed (cf. the Master’s degree rule).

Applicants who are covered by the Master’s degree rule and who cannot get a dispensation from it, will be assessed according to the applicable quota 2 criteria for the study programme and will be admitted according to a prioritised order in case there are vacant study places. The rules about standby are not applicable for applicants who are covered by the Master’s degree rule.


It is possible, however, to apply for dispensation from the Master's degree rule, if there is documentation for exceptional circumstances. If you wish to apply for a dispensation, you must upload an application for dispensation together with all documentation regarding the circumstances to your admissions application at no later than 15 March at 12.00 noon.

When processing your application for dispensation, we will assess whether you have documented exceptional circumstances which means that it is impossible for you to apply your formerly completed Master’s degree in the labour market.

Please note: Special conditions in the labour market does not entitle you to a dispensation from the Master's degree rule and a granted dispensation is not the same as an admission.

Application deadline

The deadline for applying for admission when the application involves application for dispensation from the Master's degree rule is 15 March at 12.00 noon.


For questions regarding the Master's degree rule, please contact the Admissions counsellors at