What is it like to be a VIA Engineer? 

At VIA, we educate engineers, who are Made to Make. Engineers, who are going to answer the questions we do not know yet. And, engineers who will create the solutions of the future. VIA’s engineering programmes are constructed in close cooperation with the business community and therefore, you will, as a student at VIA, be prepared for the reality, that waits for you as a fully trained engineer. 

Practice orientated engineering programmes in close cooperation with the business community. 

With a professional bachelor’s degree from VIA, you will get an academic profile, that reflect the expectations businesses and society have for you as an engineer. Focus at VIA’s engineering programmes is to educate engineers who know the practice inside and out, which is why you during your entire studies work closely with the business community. As a student, you will work with problem-based learning based on cases from real businesses. You will get the opportunity to do an internship, and finally, you will work with some of the newest technology in our laboratories and Makerspaces. All this will prepare you for your first job as a new engineer, where you are going to use your specialised engineering skills. 

Focus on innovative development and digital technologies 

One of the cornerstones at VIA is an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset. At VIA’s engineering programmes, your personal skills will be included in creative processes of development and you will learn to apply innovative techniques for product development.  

Furthermore, VIA engineers are characterised by having a high level of digital skills and digital technologies are a natural part of all of our programmes. As a VIA engineer you will get skills to master existing technologies and be prepared for any future of the digital development.   

Sustainable solutions for the benefit of society and businesses 

One of the foundations at VIA is sustainability, and as a VIA engineer, you will during your studies become familiar with sustainability principles. All VIA’s engineering programmes are focused on creating a sustainable solution for the future. At VIA, we understand sustainability as both environmental, social and financial sustainability. We work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as an integrated part of all study programmes. As an engineering student at VIA, you will learn about, get to understand and be challenged on creating sustainable solutions. It is our goal to create a better and more sustainable future and engineers are playing an important role in achieving this goal.