Branding and Marketing Management

Do you want to work strategically and independently with the development of brand strategies and events? Do you want to learn how to use the right marketing channels? Then study Branding and Marketing Management.

About the programme

  • Branding and Marketing Management is an area of specialisation within the Bachelor top-up degree programme in Design & Business. The speciality qualifies you to challenge and develop existing and new brands. You will be able to optimise a brand’s communication platform. You will learn to develop, plan, implement and evaluate marketing initiatives in a broad sense, both nationally and internationally. In this context, you will be able to identify, analyse and present data and trends in areas related to marketing and branding. 

    You will be able to independently manage and develop brand strategies, conduct trend and market analysis, and develop media plans and event planning. You will become a specialist in ensuring that new concepts in the company are in line with the brand values. 

    The joint projects that are part of the course programme will enhance your skills regarding interdisciplinary collaborations. The mandatory placement period provides you with the chance to expand your network and CV. 

    See the curriculum overview

    See the course overview

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  • With a degree in Branding & Marketing Management, you will be able to work professionally with marketing and branding in the fashion and lifestyle industry. You will be able to develop, plan, implement and evaluate marketing initiatives both nationally and internationally. 

    Your job role will usually be in a marketing department where you can work widely within branding and marketing. 

    Further education

    With a BA degree specialising in Branding and Marketing Management you will have the opportunity to do further studies at another college, in Denmark or abroad. Some of our students choose to seek a Master’s degree at various colleges around the world. Our student counsellors will be happy to guide you on this. 

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