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Do you want to work in the fashion and lifestyle industry within fashion design, entrepreneurship and innovation or branding and marketing management? You can specialise within 3 areas.


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About the Design and Business study programme

  • The Bachelor (BA) top-up takes three semesters and gives you the chance to immerse yourself in your chosen specialty. At this stage of your education we expect you to be able to work in a more independent manner.

    The programme is organised around: 

    • Common core programme
    • Specialisation
    • Elective subjects
    • Traineeship (9-13 weeks)
    • Final BA project 

    More information about the programme:

    Common core programme

    During the first semester, all BA students follow the same compulsory programme, making sure you cover a variety of disciplines within the area of design and business. All projects in this programme are worked out in partnership with the other BA top-up specialities at VIA Design. The goal is to strengthen the relationship between the creative aspects and business, as well as how to focus on results that can be achieved. 


    After the first semester, the focus will be on your speciality. It consists of subjects and projects centred on core areas of the chosen specialty. Read more under the individual specialties.


    Electives allow you to supplement the common core programme and your specialty with subjects that you choose from your primary interest. 


    During the sixth semester, all BA top-up students have a mandatory internship period for at least nine weeks. The internship takes place in a private company of your own choice and involves various disciplines. As an intern, you will get valuable knowledge of how the different professions are interrelated, and get the chance to enhance your professional network. Many students choose to do their internship outside Denmark with one of our many co-operative partners. 

    Bachelor assignment

    You will finish your BA top-up with a written assignment followed by an oral examination. The assignment starts from a formulation of a problem made by you in co-operation with a company. You will spend the entire semester on this. 

    After graduating, you will be qualified to find a job in the fashion and lifestyle branch, or to start your own business. You will also have the opportunity to obtain a Master’s degree at a university outside Denmark. 

    Teaching methods

    All the teaching is project-oriented. You will get profound knowledge of your chosen speciality as well as the opportunity to develop your individual image. 

    During the fifth semester, the joint projects ensure a continuous collaboration between the areas of design and business. You’ll get insight into the work areas of your future colleagues and learn the importance of working together in order to achieve your ideas. 

    The programme is a combination of theory, supervision and independent studies. You must be able to work independently through projects of long duration.

  • You choose speciality when you apply for the programme. 

    Read more about the different specialities: 

    NB: We reserve the right not to create classes if necessary. 

  • Formal admission requirements 

    To be eligible to apply for the international BA top-up degree in Design & Business you need to have completed one of the programmes from the list below. 

    • An AP Degree in Design, Technology and Business, AP Degree in Multimedia Design & Communication, AP Degree in Production Technology, AP Degree in Marketing Management or similar. 
    • Bachelor in either Design or Business from an international university/university college.  

    Language requirements

    If English is not your first language, you will need to provide documentation of your English language level.

    Go to our English proficiency requirements page for more information on documentation, recognized language tests and minimum test scores.

    Admission with special permission

    If you do not fulfil the entry requirements, you can apply for admission with special admission. Read more here.

    Admissions assignment

    When applying for the BA top-up degree in Design & Business, you are required to complete an admissions assignment for the speciality you are applying for. 

    You will have 2 weeks to finish the assignment. The precise deadline and further details can be found in the assignment. 

    It is very important that you follow the guidelines explained in the assignment. If the guidelines are not followed precisely, your assignment may not be evaluated.

    NB: We reserve the right not to create classes in the event of too few applicants.

    Credit transfer

    Students who have

    completed relevant study activities at an institution of higher education may be allowed to transfer their credits to VIA, which may exempt the student from exams/courses of a study programme.
    Each semester contains a complete and partial learning sequence, each with their own exams. That means it is possible for foreign students to complete parts of the study programme with documented equivalent qualifications from a foreign educational institution.

  • You must complete an admission assignment in order to be accepted into the programme.

    VIA Design reserves the right, however, not to set up speciality for which the number of applicants is too low

    Step 1: application 

    Application period begins 1 February. Application Deadline is 15 March 12:00 AM

    Start your application

    If you are currently enrolled in a qualifying programme, please upload your final diploma to no later than 5 July 12:00 AM.

    Step 2: admissions assignment 

    • The admission assignment will be published on 16 March 
    • You will have 2 weeks to finish the assignment. The precise deadline and further details can be found in the assignment 

    Link to the admissions assignment

    Step 3: personal interview

    The interview will be either in person at the school or through Skype

    At the interview, you will have the opportunity to give a short presentation of your admissions assignment. Please bring products that support your qualifications within the speciality programme you apply for.
    The interview should also clarify your reasons for applying to the specific bachelor programme.

    Please note that not all students will be invited to an interview.

    Step 4: selection

    Your application and admissions assignment will be assessed by the Admissions Office and academic staff members. You will be notified whether you are qualified or not for admission.

    You can download the admissions assignment from the website on 16 March. All details about the admissions assignment will be available from that date.

    Please note that if you want to apply for two speciality programmes, you must hand in two admissions assignments.

  •  Applicants from countries outside the EU membership are required to pay an application fee of 100 EUR.

    Tuition is free if you are:

    • A citizen of Denmark
    • A citizen of a country that is a full member of the EU.
    • A citizen of Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein (EEA countries) or Switzerland.
    • A refugee/immigrant living in Denmark with a permanent residence permit issued in Denmark.
    • A student on an exchange programme as part of a bilateral agreement with VIA University College
    • A citizen who is granted a residence permit under §9c, paragraph 1 of the Aliens Act as the accompanying child of a non-Dane with a residency permit issued under section 9a of the Aliens Act

    All other students (primarily from outside the EU) are obliged to pay tuition fees. Open the below pdf to learn more

    Payment schedule and Terms of Payment (pdf)

    VIA University College has partners throughout the world referring students with interest in international experiences to us. 

    If tuition fee is required from an applicant, please note that invoices will always be sent directly from VIA University College. No partners are entitled to charge fees on behalf of our institution. 

    If you are asked for additional payments by a VIA UC partner, please let us know. 

    Application fee

    Application is free if you are from a country that is member of the EU. Applicants from all other countries are required to pay an application fee of 100 euro. The application fee must be paid in full when applying for the programme.

    Learn more about the application fee and how to pay 


    Each year the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education gives a limited number of scholarships to highly qualified students from countries outside the EU and the EEA.  


    Contact us for further information:

  • During the sixth semester, you will get the chance to try out your skills in a internship at a company of your own choice for 10 weeks. 

    Your internship can take its starting point in your speciality and involves the various disciplines from the value chain of the company. The purpose is to give you thorough insight into the work processes. You learn the importance of close co-operation between different functions in a creative business and the importance of working in interdisciplinary teams. 

    After the placement period, you must hand in a written assignment. The problem statement of the assignment is made in co-operation with the company. It forms the foundation of your work in the company. 

    The list below shows you examples of companies that welcome interns from Design & Business:  

    • Bruuns Bazar
    • Aller Media
    • H20 Sportswear
    • DK Company
    • Bestseller
    • House Doctor
    • Minus
    • Han Kjøbenhavn
    • Kopenhagen Fur
    • Headstart Fashion
    • Says Who
  • Working relationships have been established with a number of universities and educational around the world, and more are being added. This enables our students to improve their skills outside Denmark during or after completion of their study programmes. 

    Exchange – studying outside Denmark 

    China, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Finland – you can study anywhere you like. The fashion and lifestyle sector is a global industry, so studying outside Denmark is a natural part of your education and will not prolong your studies. 

    During your time of study you have the opportunity to go abroad as an exchange student. This is possible during your 6th semester. The duration of a study period outside Denmark is normally one semester – corresponding to 4 months. 

    Traineeship outside Denmark 

    Why not do your mandatory internship period outside of Denmark? This will give you the chance to get to know a culture and way of living that is different from your own. You will gain linguistic and intercultural skills that may be useful in your future career. You will also get the chance to extend your network at an early stage of your career – and a good network will probably be very useful to you later on. 

    The duration of an internship period outside Denmark is 9-12 weeks. 

    New York City, India, China, Thailand, Canada – the world is your oyster. Please ask the student counselling service for advice. The internship can be done at companies and research centres in the private or public sector. 

    Study trips 

    During your studies you will be given the opportunity to go on study trips based on specific themes. 

    Whether the trips are within Denmark or other countries, the goal is to learn about companies within the fashion or lifestyle sector. This will provide you with plenty of experience and knowledge that will be useful in your future career.  

    Summer school in Florence

    If you wish to spend your summer holiday improving your design skills, we offer the chance to attend a three-week summer school in Florence or Milan. Besides getting a cultural experience that goes beyond your daily studies, you will be given the chance to achieve new perspectives and inspiration for your future career. 

    The summer school in Florence is organised for students in our AP degree programme who are specialising in Fashion Design or Pattern Design. You get to work with drawing, developing collections and fashion marketing. You will also visit Pitti Filatti, which is one of the largest yarn fairs in the world. 

    BA top-up degrees and MA degrees abroad

    With an AP degree or a Bachelor's degree from VIA Design, you have the opportunity to continue your education abroad. We have agreements with universities in various countries. In connection with your application for a BA top-up or MA degree programme, you must observe the procedures of the university at which you wish to enrol. 

    Please feel free to contact the International department if you need any help. 

  • If you have any questions about our study programmes or just need to confirm your choice of education, our student counsellors are always at your service. 

    A student counsellor can help you with: 

    • Questions about VIA's study programmes at VIA Design, admission requirements, selection criteria and admission procedures 
    • Guidance about how you qualify yourself for admission or perhaps suggestions for other study opportunities if you are rejected/not admitted 
    • Accommodation and living costs in Herning 

    Anne Louise Degn Hansen
    Student counsellor

    T: +45 87 55 05 48

    You are also welcome to contact us if you have any general questions about VIA



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