Fashion Design

Do you want to influence the future of Danish and international fashion? Do you want to be innovative and develop your own personal design universe? At the BA top-up in Fashion Design, you will create products with your own design DNA.

About the programme

  • Fashion Design is an area of specialisation within the Bachelor (BA) top-up programme in Design & Business and is located in Herning.

    Be original and groundbreaking 

    During your studies, you will work on developing your personal image and mode of expression. The programme’s main focus is on idea generation and designing. During the AP degree programme, you worked within the limits of existing brands, but the top-up programme trains you to be original and groundbreaking. 

    Be creative in the design process

    You will get to work with men’s wear, women’s wear, knitwear, and prints. You will get a profound knowledge of trends, idea generation, sociology and science, so you can take on the design process in an experimental and creative manner. The programme will equip you to develop and present your own unique brand or mode of expression. 

    An important part of the programme is understanding the design process from the first sketch all the way through to production, and being able to collaborate with other professions to produce a successful collection. 

    To enhance your collaboration skills, the programme includes common projects that will include interdisciplinary collaborations, and the compulsory placement period provides you with the chance to expand your network and CV. 

    We strive to make sure all students form a clear and realistic picture of the fashion business and create a strong network during their education. 

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  • With a BA degree specialising in Fashion Design, you will typically be qualified for a job as a designer in a company in the fashion industry, or be ready to start your own business. 

    The designer often sets the framework for a collection expression based on the company's target audience and design DNA. A part of the designer's work consists of research into new materials and trends that form the basis for inspiration and create the collection's flow. You will develop working drawings, select materials, and learn to ensure fit. 

    Further education

    With a BA degree specialising in Fashion Design, you have the chance to study further at another university. Some of our students choose to apply for a Master’s degree at colleges around the world. Our student counsellors will be happy to guide you on this.

  • You are always welcome to contacts us. 

    VIA Design & Business 

    Birk Centerpark 5
    DK-7400 Herning 

    M: + 45 87 55 05 00

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