Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Do you have great ideas and a passion for developing them? Do you want to work with developing business ideas, projects and concepts? Would you like to start your own company? If yes, Entrepreneurship and Innovation is for you!

About the programme

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation is an area of specialisation within the Bachelor top-up degree programme in Design & Business. The programme is taught in English in Herning and in Danish in Aarhus.

    The speciality qualifies you to work professionally with generating business ideas, projects, and concepts whether you want to establish your own company or work with development in an existing company. Our focus will be on the creative sector, particularly the fashion and lifestyle industry. 

    Through independent thinking and skilled action, you will learn to identify and apply new ideas for products and services. You will get familiar with project management and entrepreneurship. 

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    See the course overview

    Read more about the BA top-up in Design and Business, admission requirements and international opportunities

  • With a BA degree specialising in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, you will have a variety of skills useful for generating and realising ideas and projects. 

    The programme is a good match for a person who wants to establish a company or work with business development and/or innovation in an existing organisation (entrepreneurship). You will also have opportunities for employment in a variety of project organisations and associations and in the public sector. 

    You will learn to be independent, creative, and enterprising – skills which are in demand in many industries. All in all, this education is a good fit for people who want to create and realise their own visions. 

    Further education 

    You have the chance to take up further studies at another college. Some of our students choose to take up a Master’s degree at colleges around the world. Our student counsellors will be happy to guide you on this. 


  • You are always welcome to contacts us. 

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