Interactive Media

Would you like to work with web, app and game development? Are you interested in interactive software where the focus is on the user and the graphics? And do you love interactive tables, smart watches and AR/VR equipment? Then Interactive Media is for you.

About the specialization in Interactive Media 

  • We are surrounded by interactive media - websites, mobile applications, games, and similar software that have the user and graphic elements at the center.

    As a software engineer specializing in interactive media, you will develop software with a focus on user interfaces. You will work across platforms and hardware to be able to publish applications for, among other things, web, mobile, desktop, AR/VR hardware and interaction tables.

    The specialization may include subjects such as:

    GMD – Game Development

    In Game Development, you gain the knowledge, skills and competencies to develop games and interactive experiences using the Unity game engine.

    DIM - Digital Multimedia

    In Digital Multimedia you will be introduced to the basic principles of each media type - text, graphics, sound, animation and video - describing their digitization and the problems that arise when media are combined.

    XRD - XR Development

    In XR Development, you learn about the theory behind Augmented and Virtual Reality and the problems they help to solve now and in the future, and you get practical experience in developing applications for both media.

    WEB3 – Web Development 3

    In Web Development 3 you will get in depth knowledge on advanced principles for developing modern web applications.

    IDX – interaction Design

    This course introduces the newest principles of interaction design, UX and Usability

  • With the specialization in Interactive media, you will be able to apply for jobs such as:

    • Software developer
    • Frontend developer
    • Web Developer
    • Game developer
    • .NET developer
    • Full stack developer
    • Unity developer
    • AR/VR developer

  • You are eligible for the specialisation in Interactive media if you are a student of the software engineering programme at VIA in Horsens and have completed the first 5 semesters. See the Software Engineering admission requirements.

    Student counselling

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