Education institutions in Denmark

If you want to study in Denmark in English, there are many great higher education institutions to choose from – universities, university colleges, business academies and other types of institutions. Find an overview of the different types here.


Universities in Denmark offer research-based higher education, usually bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and PhD’s. Denmark has 8 universities spread all over the country and they are state-funded and run by executive boards with external representation. Teaching is largely theoretical and consists of a combination of lectures, class room teaching and self-studies.

University Colleges

University Colleges offer research-based higher education like the universities, but has a strong relation practice at an international professional level. This means that teaching is typically oriented towards a specific profession and teaching is a combination of theory and practice, often including internships. Study programmes are developed in collaboration with the professions, e.g. teaching, nursing, engineering etc.

VIA University College is one of 7 university colleges in Denmark offering Professional Bachelor’s degrees, Academy Professional degrees and Top-up programmes – see VIA’s programmes here. A professional bachelor’s degree from a university college provides access to further studies, for example at master’s level at a university. As other higher education institutions, University colleges are state-funded and run by executive boards.

Business Academies

There are 8 Business Academies in Denmark offering Academy Professional degrees, a 2-year degree that can be topped up to provide a full bachelor’s degree, and some professional bachelor’s degrees. At Business Academies, theoretical teaching is combined with a practical introduction to the chosen profession through internships.

Artistic Higher Education Institutions

This category includes e.g. design schools, academies of fine arts and architecture schools offering higher educational programmes at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD level.

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