Living costs in Denmark

Denmark has a high standard of living and can thus be an expensive country to study in.

Housing, food, transportation and leisure activities can be expensive in Denmark, but salaries are correspondingly high and many services such as medical treatment and education is paid through taxes.

This budget provides a rough idea of the average monthly expenses for a student, but depends on your individual lifestyle.

  • Rent incl. utilities EUR 400-500/ DKK 3000-4000
  • Insurance EUR 30 / DKK 200
  • Phone, internet, tv EUR 40 / DKK 300
  • Books and other school supplies EUR 40 / DKK 300
  • Food EUR 200 / DKK 1500
  • Transport EUR 20 / DKK 150
  • Other personal expenses EUR 120 / DKK 1000
  • Total EUR 850-1000/DKK 6500-7500

Living costs may vary depending on where you settle down. Larger cities such as Aarhus and Horsens tend to be more expensive, especially when it comes to rent. You could supplement your income with a student job