Here you will find an extract of the courses we offer at the BA top-up in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


The subject StartUp is divided into two modules. In module 1, the focus will be on the student’s own skills and motivations. In module 2, focus will be on models and tools you can use to spot opportunities, ideas, and concepts for further development. 

Social Entrepreneurship 

This course helps students understand social entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a societal context. You will test development of innovative solutions for societal challenges, learn to develop and qualify ideas, and plan and complete a creative process within the social economic field. You will be also shown how to see social innovation from a business perspective. 

IdeaCreation/Project ownership 

In IdeaCreation, you will work with generating and developing new ideas and concepts that you will then work with as a continuous project throughout the programme. You will be taught how to generate your own project step-by-step. You will learn about idea generation and development, work with various tools and methods, and also start the development of a sustainable business model for the project. 

Imagineering – if you can picture it, you can do it 

By combining the technical skills of engineers with visual narrative techniques (imagination), the course aims to provide students with a conceptual framework and a set of practical tools that will enable them to develop concepts, products, ideas, marketing campaigns and events related to either their own or external companies. All products, services and concepts are based on viability and sustainability. The course focuses on enabling students to understand and be able to manage the multitude of communication opportunities a company, project or organisation can make use of. Students will develop campaigns, digital strategies, exhibitions, and concepts. 

Concept Design

You work with conceptualizing and designing a project via customer and user involvement and testing. You will be provided with tools and methods to increase the probability that the project will succeed and be sustainable. You will work on presenting your project to various types of target groups and pitch it professionally. 

Business Development 

In this course, students learn to generate plans for the company that can be implemented. They also prepare a company that can be founded based on these plans. You are taught different business models and what it takes to set up a new company. The importance of networks, financial and juridical matters, dealing with budgets, and risk management are a few of the subject areas you learn to deal with. 


You learn to complete the final project and to convert it to reality, working with testing and pivot in relation to the establishment and sustainability of the project. You will also work with sales, sales techniques and different approaches to the sales process, and develop a possible growth strategy regarding your concept.

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