Lecturers and partners

The lecturers are specialists from VIA's departments of Film & Transmedia and Design, as well as highly skilled professionals from the fashion, film and transmedia industries. 

The lecturers are highly skilled professionals from the fashion, film and transmedia 
industries and specialists from VIA Film & Transmedia. We are proud to announce some of them here (can vary): 

  • Anja Bisgaard Gaede, Creative Producer, SPOTT Trends & Business
  • Anna Jarmolowicz, Fashion Photographer, Photography by Jakob Mark
  • Andreas Houmann, Photographer
  • Gry Halling Voetmann, Director, Unique Models
  • Maria Herholdt Engermann, Virtual Reality Experience Designer, MANND
  • Kristian Bonne, Digital Specialist, Moving Picture Company
  • William Bang, Creative Director, Critical Giants
  • Asta Wellejus, International Transmedia Producer
  • Justin Ulbrichsen, Concept Developer & Director
  • Jeppe Kolstrup, Director, Fern Studio
  • Alexandra Ilg, Digital Fashion Producer, The Dematerialised 
  • Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen, Director
  • Mad Jeppesen, Filmmaker, Noless
  • Pernille Drest Nielsen, Stylist, Undrest studio
  • Alex Kristensen, Director of Photography, AXK