Storytelling Beyond the Screen - Creating Narratives For Immersive And Interactive Spaces

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This book contains exciting updates on the digital visual industry and where it's going. In collaboration with Filmby Aarhus (Film City Aarhus), we initiated the book and selected a number of talented, internationally recognized storytellers and researchers to focus on VR, AR, storytelling and much more

Among the contributors are two of our graduates, Signe Ungermand and Maria Herholdt Engermann, owners of the VR/AR company MANND. In their section in the book, the two discuss the concept of 'Hybrid Realities' and the genre mix between film, theatre and gaming.

The book is relevant for many disciplines, as it provides a good understanding of the digital visual areas and the possibilities in the different technologies. Specifically, the book provides an insight into how to apply storytelling through augmented and virtual reality.

The book was created in connection with the EU project Create Converge under the EU Interreg North Sea Region Programme.

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