Cells of knowledge

An interdisciplinary collaboration of scientists from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Biology/University of Copenhagen and animators from The Animation Workshop/VIA UC is aiming to facilitate a dialogue between the two disciplines, and ultimately disseminate stem cell research to different segments of the society.

The primary objectives are:

  • To train scientists to pitch scientific stories to non-scientists, and in particular to visual story-tellers.
  • To introduce visual storytellers to stem cell research and to how science is conducted.
  • To establish a common language between these professionals.

In May 2019, a few scientists from DanStem went to a match-making event in Viborg, and in August the painter and animator Cosimo Miorelli visited DanStem to meet with scientists and platform specialists.
Following these interactions, Cosimo conducted the animation ‘Cells of Knowledge’; a short introduction to stem cells research and to the techniques used in research.

a film by:

Naomi Dayan – Producer and director
Sia Søndergaard – Producer and director
Abigail Jackson – Scientific advisor
Cosimo Miorelli – visual artist
Thomas Richard Christensen – Sound and music
Riccardo Bernardi – video editing and postproduction 

Produced by

Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Biology, Danstem, University of Copenhagen
And The Animation Workshop/VIA UC