The environment at campus Horsens supports intercultural understanding

Campus Horsens has a diverse and international study environment. The focus is on hands-on educational programmes.

Campus Horsens

About Campus Horsens

  • Campus Horsens has its own unique international pulse. The focus here is on delivering an education that qualifies you to work in a variety of disciplines, languages, and cultures. 

    You’ll learn how to make use of diversity to achieve a common goal. This is a useful skill to have when you go out into a global workplace. 

    Mentoring programme

    Some study programmes offers new students to become a part of the mentoring programme that matches new students with experienced student mentors. Learn more about the mentoring programme.

    Student psychologist 

    If something is bothering you that makes it difficult for you to feel comfortable in your daily life or concentrate on your studies, you can always book an appointment with our student psychologist Mette B. Madsen. 

    Advisory services are free for students and all contacts with the student psychologist are handled with the greatest discretion. 

    Student priest 

    The student priest and psychotherapist Anette Foged Schultz is also available for one-on-one sessions with students at Campus Horsens. 

    You are welcome to talk to Anette regardless of your religion, or if you are not religious at all. 

    The student priest is required to maintain complete confidentiality. All appointments are free. 

    Career Service Centre

    The primary task of Career Service Centre is to establish and strengthen cooperation VIA students and businesses in a wide range of industries.

    Read more about Career Service Centre.


    The library at Campus Horsens contains books and other materials focused on: mathematics, physics, general technology, building and landscape technology, machine technology, agricultural technology, environmental protection technology, EDB/IT, languages, management and economics, business, social education and nursing. 

    You’ll also have the opportunity to read a wide selection of newspapers, trade magazines and journals. 

    The library offers courses on searching literature and information. 


    In the canteen at Campus Horsens you can find a wide selection of warm and cold dishes, salads, meat and cheeses, homemade bread, as well as cakes and desserts. 

    With its fresh ingredients and reasonable prices, Campus Horsens is a popular place for get-togethers. 


    The bookstore at Campus Horsens can provide everything needed for student life. 

    You can buy textbooks, books about your field of study and dictionaries, along with stationary and office supplies. 

    The store also sells headsets, USB drives, computer bags and other IT equipment as part of its standard range. You can also buy logo items and wine in the store. 


    IT Support 

    At Campus Horsens, wireless access to the Internet is free of charge. 

    During the introduction week, you will be introduced to the Campus Horsens IT services and get an account so that you can use the Internet, print and get access to our Intranet. Our Intranet is the link between lecturers, the administrative staff and the students, and an important source of information.

     Student life Campus Horsens

  • There are tons of social activities on Campus Horsens, and the campus is lively 24/7. 

    The Student Council 

    The Campus Horsens Student Council sponsors a large variety of events. You can enjoy everything from salsa dance classes to Counter-Strike tournaments to Photoshop instruction to film evenings – and much more. 

    The Student Council also helps arrange parties for students – and they are good parties! 

    Sports hall 

    Campus Horsens offers a sports hall that is covers roughly a square kilometre. The sports hall is used as part of course work for the social education course, as well as some other courses. 

    Students can also book the sports hall for free time activities like football, fitness, CrossFit, Mixed Martial Arts, etc. 

  • VIA Language Assessment Centre (VIALAC) is situated at VIA Campus Horsens. Our core competence is language assessment testing of potential students in connection with the application process

    English language entry requirements 

    If English is not your first language, you need to provide documentation of your English language level. The required level depends on which study programme you are applying for. As documentation a certificate is required.  

    As documentation, we accept the following internationally recognised language tests: IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge ESOL tests.

    Test scores

    For the internationally recognised tests, the required test scores for the following study programmes are:

    • AP Degree in Marketing Management
    • AP Degree in Construction Technology
    • AP Degree in Design, Technology and Business
    • Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management
    • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
    • Bachelor of Software Technology Engineering
    • Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing Management (top-up)
    • Bachelor of Materials Science Engineering
    • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
    • Bachelor of Climate & Supply Engineering
    • Bachelor of Value Chain Management
    • Bachelor of Design and Business (top-up)
    • Bachelor of Character Animation
    • Bachelor of Computer Graphic Arts
    • Bachelor of Graphic Storytelling

    IELTS An average band score of 6.5
    TOEFL Internet-based 83
    TOEFL Paper-delivered

    Reading - 19-23
    Listening - 20-23
    Writing - 24-26
    Speaking - 20-22

    Cambridge ESOL tests C1 Advanced, min. grade C on the Cambridge English scale
    B2 First, min. A on the Cambridge English scale 

    Please be aware that test scores from these internationally recognised tests are only valid for 2 years after the test date.

    The test certificate must be valid on 1 September for summer intake applications and on 1 February for winter intake applications.

    For the Bachelor of Global Business Engineering please go to the programme webpage for more information.

    VIAT/e – The VIA English Language Assessment Test

    Alternatively, you may choose to sit for the VIA English Language Assessment Test – the VIAT/e - for all the above listed programmes except Global Business Engineering.

    The VIAT/e will take approximately 100 minutes and is only valid for admission into study programmes at VIA University College. The test will be conducted by a qualified VIALAC representative.

    Please be aware that your VIAT/e test scores are only valid for 1 year after the test date.

    The VIALAC test result must be valid on 1 September for summer intake applications and on 1 February for winter intake applications.

    Test dates 

    NB! Due to the Corona virus (Covid-19), VIALAC will not be able to conduct language tests on campus. For this reason and for a limited time period only (see dates below), we offer an online version of the test. Register and pay for the test below. Prior to the test, you will receive further information by email.
    Alternatively, you may also sign up for an online version of the internationally recognised tests we accept. You can search for information on the tests on the providers’ official websites. VIALAC is not involved in this process and you must therefore arrange for this yourself if you choose this option


    19 November 2020 at 09:00. Register here

    9 December 2020 at 09:00. Register here

    26 January 2021 at 09:00. Register here

    Please be aware that depending on the number of registrations for the above-mentioned dates, some applicants may get an appointment in the afternoon instead of at 09:00. If this is the case, you will receive information by e-mail about this.

    Please be aware that there are limited available seats for each test date. If you cannot register for a date when you click on the link, the test date is no longer available.

    Test location

    VIA University College
    Chr. M. Oestergaards Vej 4
    DK-8700 Horsens

    Once the test dates are posted here, you may check availability and register for a test in our registration system VIAPAY. There is a registration fee of DKK 250

    If you apply through one of our agents, please contact the agent for available test dates.

    Test registration

    To register for a test, follow these simple steps:

    • Choose one of the test dates
    • Click on the VIAPAY link after the test date of your choice
    • Follow the instructions on the VIAPAY site and fill in the required information. Please note that you must provide the name and contact information of the person registering for the test, even if you are using another person’s credit card to pay the fee. 
    • Pay by credit card
    • Once you have paid and received a payment receipt, you are signed up for the test
    • On the day of the test, bring your payment receipt and a valid picture ID as documentation. 

    To prepare for the test, you may read more about it here.

    For further information concerning the registration process, please see below.

    Test registration information 

    There are a limited number of places for our test sessions. Once this number has been reached for a particular test date, you may no longer register for this date and the date will not be available on the VIAPAY site.

    The deadline for registering for the VIAT/e is 48 hours prior to the test date. If you need to cancel your registration, your fee is refundable if the cancellation takes place no later than 48 hours prior to the test. Otherwise, your registration is binding and the fee non-refundable.

    If you wish to cancel your registration, please send an email to You will then receive information about the process by email.

    If you are re-taking the test, different rules apply. 

    Applying through agents

    If you are applying through one of our agents, please contact the agent to set up an appointment for the test. When you apply through an agent, the test dates will be different from the dates mentioned above. 

    For questions concerning the VIAT/e, please contact:

    Helle Svendsen

    On the day of the test 

    On the day of the test, please go to the main reception at VIA University College, Chr. M. Oestergaards Vej 4, 8700 Horsens. The test will start at the time indicated on your VIAPAY registration receipt. A VIALAC representative will meet you at the reception area. 

    For documentation purposes, please bring your payment receipt and a valid picture ID. 

    The VIAT/e is a paper-based test. You may make use of a dictionary, either in a book format or as an online version. However, no other use of the Internet is allowed during the test.

    If you are using one of our agents, please contact the agent for information concerning dates and procedures. 

    After the test

    You will receive the result of your test by email within 21 days of the test. The result of your test will also automatically be sent to our Admissions Center where it is attached to your application. Therefore, you do not need to inform the Admission Center about the result.

    Test retake

    If you do not pass the VIAT/e in the first attempt, you may re-sit the test, provided you comply with the following rules: 

    You must receive sufficient and proper language training. VIALAC therefore requires that you follow an intensive English language course for at least 2 months at an authorised language school or other language institution. VIA University College does not offer language courses and cannot provide information of availability of language schools or institutions.

    To reach a sufficient level of English, you must do at least 100 hours of student work. 

    Certificate is required

    VIALAC requires a certificate or other form of documentation from the authorised language course provider. If the documentation is in another language than English, you must send both the original and a translated version of the documentation. 

    Documentation from a Danish language course provider need not be translated. 

    To retake the VIAT/e you must send the above-mentioned documentation by email to, once again indicating full name, country of origin/country of residence and email address as well as the test date of your first attempt. 

    Once we have approved the documentation, you may register for a new test date. If you register for a new test without approval of documentation, your payment is not refundable.

    VIA Agents 

    VIA cooperates with a number of agents in Europe and overseas. If you wish to sit for the VIAT/e at one of our agents, please contact them directly. 

    Student with a laptop

  • At the VIA Student Incubator, students work with innovation and entrepreneurship. They learn to develop and generate new ideas and projects. 

    This might be the student's own ideas, or external projects being carried out in co-operation with local institutions and companies, municipalities or regions. 

    Professional events 

    VIA Student Incubator holds a number of professional events and workshops focused on teaching students about entrepreneurship and networking. 

    Office space 

    As a student entrepreneur, you can apply for office space at “VBI Innovation Park”, that is a part of VIA Campus Horsens. 


    VIA Student Incubator
    Susan Hedelin Dalum 
    T: +45 87 55 40 27

    Sarah-Isabel Lykke Cobos 
    T: +45 87 55 40 29

    Read more about VIA Student Incubator 

  • The student counsellor can help you with questions about various VIA study programmes within technology and business, admission requirements, selection criteria and admission procedures. 

    Contact our student counsellors’ office on weekdays 08:00-14:00 at: or text/call +45 87 55 43 20.

  • Go to our housing page to read more about the specific options in Horsens.
  • Campus Horsens is located about four kilometres north of the main train station in Horsens. 

    Bike to the campus 

    You can also bike to the campus. Biking is very popular in Denmark, and you can purchase a bike cheaply or rent one if you like. APERO is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation established that rents bikes to students at VIA at affordable prices. Find APERO at Facebook.  

    There is a bike lane all the way from downtown Horsens to Campus Horsens, which is about three kilometres. 

    Horsens is generally very bike-friendly, with bike lanes all the way to both the forest and the beach. 

    If you plan to study in Horsens/Denmark and want to bring your own car, please note the rules and regulations.

    You can use the online journey planner to plan your trip.

  • VIA University College
    Campus Horsens
    Chr. M. Østergaards Vej 4
    DK - 8700 Horsens 

    T: +45 87 55 00 20

    Phone hours

    Monday to Thursday kl. 07.30-15.30
    Friday kl. 07.30-14.30.

    Find us on Google Maps


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