Architectural Technology and Construction Management

At Architectural Technology and Construction Management Exchange programme you will be working with large and small construction projects from start to finish. 




1 or 2 semesters (at least 30 ETCS)

Campus city


Study start

February and August 

About the Architectural Technology and Construction Management exchange programme

  • Language:

    The programme is taught in English

    There are three different modules available in English for exchange students. They are all part of the Bachelor degree programme in Architectural Technology and Construction Management.

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    Total ECTS

    3. semester (pdf) Fall semester

          30 ECTS
    4. semester (pdf) Spring semester

          30 ECTS
    5. semester - Architectural Technology (pdf) Fall semester

          30 ECTS
    5. semester - Construction Management (pdf) Fall semester       30 ECTS


    Note: from the academic year 2024/25, incoming students in the fall will be able to choose 3rd or 5th semester and students joining in the spring semester will be assigned to 4th semester of our bachelor's degree programme.

    Learning agreement

    This is what to write in your learning agreement, depending on which semester programme you are going to join:

    • Semester 3:
      Industrial buildings and prefabrication – 25 ECTS
      Elective programme element – 5 ECTS
    • Semester 4:
      Multi-storey buildings over 3 storeys and local programme element – 20 ECTS
      Elective programme element – 10 ECTS
    • Semester 5:
      Renovation and local programme element – 20 ECTS
      Elective programme element – 10 ECTS

    Evaluation and exams

    Examinations are organised as individual tests assessed by external or internal examiners.

    For external examinations, an external examiner appointed by the Danish Ministry of Education will be brought in. 

    For internal examinations, the assessment will be done by lecturers appointed by VIA University College.

    See Ministerial Order on Examinations on Professionally Oriented Higher Education Programmes (pdf)

  • We welcome you as an exchange student 

    We work in close cooperation with your home universities. This collaboration is to ensure that each course you complete successfully at VIA University College is eligible for credit at your home university.

    A Danish Bachelor’s degree

    Students who have completed 2 years = 120 ECTS of study at their home university may attend the exchange programme at the Department of Architectural Technology and Construction Management.

    Documentation of your current English language level

    If English is not your first language, you will need to provide documentation of your English language level. VIA University College requires that you have an English level of B2 or higher (certificate is required), as you must be able to understand spoken English when following courses and be able to write assignments and reports in English.

    As documentation, we accept confirmation of a B2 level from your home institution or one of the following internationally recognised language tests: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS or the Cambridge ESOL test. For more information, please see:

    English proficiency requirements

    More information

    Credit transfer at VIA University College

  • Your home institution must have an inter-institutional agreement with the Department of Built Environment at VIA University College in order for you to be able to apply for this exchange programme at VIA.

    If an agreement exists, you will be able to fill in the application form. Please be aware that VIA must receive a nomination from your home institution as well. 

    Go to the application portal to apply now

  • Exchange students do not pay tuition fees.

    Per definition, exchange stays are an exchange of one or more students between partner universities and therefore, exchange students do not pay tuition fees.

    If you do not know, if your institution is a partner of VIA, please contact the international office at your home institution. If your institution is not a partner of VIA and you would like us to discuss the possibility of establishing an exchange agreement with your home institution, please contact us at

  • Contact our Incoming team at if you have questions about the exchange programme or how to apply.

    Campus address

    VIA Architectural Technology and Construction Management
    Banegaardsdgade 2
    DK - 8700 Horsens 

    T: +45 87 55 40 00