Student life at VIA

With lots of social activities and student organisations to join we hope you fall in love with Denmark and the Danish way of life. If you do there are great career options after graduation.

We care about your well-being both during your studies on campus, outside of university and after graduation. We have lots of social activities and student organisations. And if you fall in love with Denmark and the Danish way of life, there are also great career options after graduation.

Life on campus

Independence in learning, personal responsibility and freedom characterise the student experience at VIA. 

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Our campuses

In addition to strong academic environments, VIA's eight campuses offer modern class rooms, specialised labs and Makerspaces as well as facilities for leisure activities. On some campuses we offer mentoring programmes for new students.


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Entrepreneurial spirit

Want to start your own business?

If you want to start your own business, VIA is the place for you! Entrepreneurship is an integrated part of all study programmes at VIA and we offer guidance and support for students through VIA Student Incubator. Our focus on innovation and entrepreneurship has awarded us the prize as Denmark's leading entrepreneurial institution of higher education three times.

VIA Student Incubator

Teaching at VIA

Theory and practice goes hand-in-hand

Graduates of VIA hold a professional bachelor's degree. This means that all our study programmes consist of a combination of theoretical teaching and practice and most have obligatory internships at real workplaces. Sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation are on the agenda at all study programmes to ensure that our graduates have the competences sought after by employers.


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Beatrice went to VIA Summer School

Meet our students

What it is like to study at VIA?

Our international students share their experiences on student life at VIA and in Denmark.

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Life outside of VIA

Trust, community, happiness and hygge defines Danish culture.

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Have fun outside of class

Life at VIA is much more than what goes on during class. Socialising and extracurricular activities are important parts of your student life and will help you grow your network in Denmark.
How to meet new people
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Living costs in Denmark

The standard of living in Denmark is high and so are the costs. Get an idea of the average monthly spend for a student. 
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Student jobs in Denmark

A student job can be a great way of earning a supplementary income while gaining experience and building a network in Denmark.
How to land a student job

Life after graduation

Denmark is known for its flat work place hierarchies and great work-life balance.

Ruxandra is graduate of Global Business Engineering

International VIA graduates share their experiences

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VIA's Career Service Centre

On-campus career guidance

VIA's Career Service Center
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What is it like to work in Denmark? 

Work-life balance, informality and innovation