Augmented reality and virtual reality 

Do you dream of creating future innovative solutions within games and app development, robotics and health technology, haptic technology, motion capture - you name it? The Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) specialisation at the Danish Interactive Digital Centre in Viborg gives you real knowledge and unique access to the latest technology, so you can go out and make your mark on the world

About the specialisation in AR/VR

  • Work with the latest technology and equipment

    A specialisation in AR/VR means you will work with the latest technology within the field, such as AR devices, Oculus Quest, HoloLens, Magic Leap, HTC Vive and new haptic options, for example Motion Capture and full-haptic body suit from Tesla Suit. You will also have the opportunity to work with 3D printing, laser cutting and physical computing.

    The educational programme prepares you to design and develop interactive games and applications for XR (Extended Reality) through market-leading platforms, such as Unity and Unreal.

    An educational programme close to the industry

    You will meet both Danish and international teachers on the programme. This specialisation is in collaboration with The Animation Workshop (TAW), one of the best in the world when it comes to animation, and EON Reality, one of the world’s leading companies in XR.

    The teaching, which is in English, takes place at the Danish Interactive Digital Centre (IDC) in Viborg. IDC is a collaboration between VIA, EON Reality Denmark - which ensures access to the latest equipment and technology - as well as Viborg, a designated UNESCO Creative Cities Network City.

    Therefore, a number of exciting subjects await you on the AR/VR specialisation, which runs through semesters 4-7. 4th semester subjects include a course on game development, a course on the different technologies and how to develop in Unity with C#. Together with TAW, we have developed a subject to give you a good understanding of 3D modelling, how it is used in game engines as well as how you can 3D print your objects. It is all brought together via project work.

    In the 5th semester, you intern in a company. You will receive help to find an internship nearby. In the 6th semester, you will meet international teachers from EON in an advanced AR/VR subject and you will learn about User Interfaces in AR/VR. You will also get the opportunity to expand your knowledge of Unreal and C++ programming.

    In the 6th semester, you will carry out exciting projects with students from, for example, TAW or the nursing programme, where your various professional and technical inputs can create new solutions. Projects could, for instance, focus on games prototypes, interactive films or interactive art installations, which you develop with students from TAW. Projects could also be on the development of functionalities in a VR simulation room, which can create virtually-realistic exercises for use in the teaching of nursing students.

    In the 7th semester, you do your bachelor thesis while having a number of exciting subjects. You learn about Physical Computing and get a course on Haptic Data. You will also be introduced to various forms of motion capture and haptic suits.

    Read more about Campus Viborg.

  • As a software engineer specialising in XR, you can work in software companies with application development; in game companies with game development or XR applications; and in all types of companies that work with XR development.

    You also have the opportunity to create your own business and become part of the Arsenal in Viborg, The Creative Industry Cluster, where several new creative companies, including former students from TAW, develop applications of the future, games and XR.

  • You are eligible for the AR VR specialisation if you are a student on the software engineering educational programme at VIA in Horsens and have completed the first 3 semesters. See the Software Technology Engineering admission requirements.

    Student counselling

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